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Pandora Media

When Pandora needed to quickly implement a collection of new features, they decided to contract an experienced team of developers rather than deal with the hassle and long onboarding time associated with in-house staff. We were able to hit the ground running since day one, working closely alongside their management and development staff in order to meet their aggressive deadlines. Due to Pandora's satisfaction with our work, our contract period has since been extended twice, and we look forward to working with them further in the future.

Intel Corporation

We were hired through a joint venture between the UC Davis Institute for Transportation Studies and the Intel Corporation, as part of their green initiative, in order to create a mobile app for Intel employees to use for carpooling to and from work. We worked closely with a team of Intel developers to create a WebView-based application for use on both Android and iOS. We went through several iterations designing a user interface that easily allowed users to access the core functionality of the application while strictly adhering to the well-established visual language guidelines of Intel’s brand identity. You can learn more about this project by reading our case study.


As the most popular music streaming service in Ethiopia, ArifZefen reached out to us to create a strong Android app in order to bring the latest features to their users, most of whom do not use iOS. We completely overhauled the Android experience, bringing into line with the latest design patterns from Google, and updating its infrastructure in order to work as seamlessly on a flagship as it does on the lower end devices that comprise the majority of the East African market.

Intech Energy

When this energy management SaaS provider realized that their user engagement was dwindling due to their cumbersome interface, they came to us to help them re-configure their customer-facing dashboard in order to make sure that critical building data was delivered promptly in an approachable fashion. We completely overhauled the interface of their platform’s key components to allow building managers to more easily control their equipment and gain insight into the energy usage of their site. We also created a comprehensive library of styles and components for their in-house team of developers, to build upon our initial work while maintaining the coherence of our established visual language.


Onkore is a Bay Area startup who has developed a fantasy gaming application for reality television. After receiving positive feedback for their prototype iOS app, they reached out to us to construct the Android version from scratch, which would spearhead their interface and functionality overhaul. After launching in the Play Store, we saw immediate adoption by their devoted user base, and our finished product continues to serve as the model for ongoing updated to their iOS version.

POC Medical Systems

For the trial launch of their cancer screening product, POC Medical Systems contracted us to build native apps for both iOS and Android devices that allow patients to access their health data within minutes of their blood test. Both of our apps are localized for both English & Hindi-speakers and are both HIPAA & HDPSA compliant for securing medical information in both the US and India. To coincide with the app launch, we also completely overhauled the POC Medical systems website, to portray a more cohesive brand identity as they venture into the international market.


Vivalink has developed a low-cost digital "tattoo" that allows parents to measure their children’s temperatures. We built a mobile monitoring app that allows parents to record their child’s temperature by tapping their phones with the tattoo on their child. Parents can use this to track a child’s progress with an illness over time. The app used NFC to read and record temperature from the tattoo and graph it for the user and was featured at CES.


A grocery shopping utility for whom we provided the user interface designs for three different mobile applications for use on both iOS and Android platforms. We worked closely with their project manager and development team in order to create a user experience that fit their needs precisely and that adhered to the design guidelines provided by Apple and Google for creating products on their operating systems.


A retail data company by whom we were tasked with creating a large-scale narrative environment for the 2014 National Grocers’ Association Show. The project comprised custom graphics at a resolution suitable for printing at over seven feet high. The booth also featured an animated presentation that was created specifically for the event. We also created a wide array of marketing assets during our time working with Engage3, including infographics, presentations, web pages, and illustrations.

KalpTree Energy

KalpTree Energy is creating new battery architecture through electrochemical deposition. We redesigned their brand identity and their website. We’ve been working on creating marketing materials, investor presentations, videos, and print documents to keep up with the company’s growth.

Nyentek brings standout design skills and technical expertise and are a great group to work with. I highly recommend them if you're looking to increase the visibility and attractiveness of your company with customers and investors.

Deepak Upadhyaya

CEO, KalpTree Energy

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